Show the world who you really are

War Child ambassador Vivianne Miedema blue


Athletes have a unique ability to activate change when they speak up about issues they care about the most. We can help you by building a personal brand with the same intensity you put into your sports career. Based on your character and interest we create a (social) media strategy and completely unburden you in the execution. Let’s show the world who you really are. We got this.


Teamplayers helps you activate your purpose with genuine storytelling and powerful partnerships. We guide you to create real impact off the pitch, so your focus can stay on becoming the best on the pitch.


As athletes we know how difficult it is to speak up about something, performance always comes first. We can lift that burden. We got this. We are ready to support you 24/7. We do this even with the difficult topics. Not just with a nice strategy, but especially in making it happen.


Teamplayers creates campaigns and initiatives with a shared mission. We act together to compose a united voice for good. By combining our network every initiative becomes stronger. Because we believe together everyone achieves more.

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