Sports partnerships & ESG reporting

How a Sports Partnership Can Enhance Your ESG Reporting

The world is increasingly facing complex challenges such as climate change, the race for talent, rapid technological changes, physical inactivity, and inequality of opportunity. These challenges are reflected in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are seventeen goals aimed at making the world a better place by 2030.

These global issues also impact businesses, and we are seeing more and more companies striving to enhance their social impact by contributing to one or more SDGs. Additionally, from 2024 onwards, many companies will be required to report on their ESG policies, which encompass three pillars: environmental, social, and governance.

We believe that sport can and should be a much greater platform for addressing global issues. Sport, unlike anything else, has the ability to make a significant impact on billions of people (read: fans) around the world and across all levels of society. This impact represents significant value and offers new business models for the future. That’s why our guiding principle is: Creating partnerships for the goals.

Via these sports partnerships organizations can have a positive impact on the community. This positive impact on the community is one of the pillars of the ESG policy. We can support and advice on fulfilling this ‘S’ of social impact in your ESG policy via sport.

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