January 30, 2024
Roda JC Kerkrade

Roda JC is a true people’s club, intertwined with the history of the region. In the past, miners used to play football there, and their mentality still characterizes the club to this day. After the closure of the mines, the region was left behind and fell into decline. Now, the catch-up race has begun, fueled by pride.

Roda JC is the club of the region, for the region. That’s why the ambition is not only to advance Roda JC in sports, but also to improve the health and vitality of the entire region. Because if there’s anywhere that desperately needs it, it’s the Parkstad region. We’re incredibly proud to contribute to this by starting social projects together with Roda JC and devoted partners that make a contribution to health, by working with a new commercial model for good.

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